Introducing the NoviOneTM BTE!


The NoviOneTM BTE is a Thin Tube, Behind-The-Ear, FDA registered hearing aid designed for the unique requirements of the Direct-To-Consumer market.

NoviOneTM BTE Features

Featuring NoviSoundTM, a premium acoustic experience, tailored for an instant fit solution for the DTC market.

NoviSoundTM uses customized adaptive directionality and compression architecture for a pure, clear sound. The 16 channels of WDRC and 48 bands of noise reduction and equalization, allow for stunning resolution of signal processing across the bandwidth of this device. NoviSoundTM has the ability to identify poor signal to noise environments and process signals precisely for best-in-class background noise management.

  • 16 Channels and 48 Bands
  • Ultra low noise & distortion
  • Elite background noise management
  • Extended bandwidth

Preset Programs

The NoviOneTM BTE features four distinct programs for different listening environments tailored for mild to moderate hearing loss.

NoviOneTM Thin Tubes and Eartips

The NoviOneTM thin tube cable was developed by Novidan to fit discretely over the ear, and stay in place throughout the day, without requiring a concha lock. To match the superior performance of the thin tube, we also developed a series of silicone eartips (S, M, L) to maximize acoustic performance and enable hours of comfortable use.

The NoviOneTM BTE is available in multiple colors and finishes.

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Novidan was founded on the principle that hearing is essential to life. We believe hearing aids should be affordable to all, regardless of economic status.  To make an affordable hearing aid, we see many other companies use antiquated designs, outdated technology, and simply low quality components. We started Novidan to prove that great design, high quality and performance do not have to be sacrificed to create an affordable hearing aid.  We are a team of engineers, developers and technicians, that for decades designed and manufactured some of the most innovative, highest quality and most expensive hearing aids in the world.  We are now releasing hearing products at the same level of quality and performance we created before, but at a fraction of the cost.

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